In Response To Jenn’s Comment

I’m glad that you pointed out the art aspect as I had that thought in my mind yet it was only in the background of my thinking. Thank you for tying those two together in writing (which I neglected to do) because it’s helped me to ponder on the idea of this “trapped”-ness we’ve both acknowledged, and we discussed in class on Monday. During class on Monday I began thinking about the role of gender inside the art world we’ve been taken into through Reno’s prospective and how these gender roles influence Reno’s thinking, and thus influencing the reader’s opinion of certain characters: those two characters being Ronnie and Giddle.

I’ve found it interesting in this book that Ronnie, through multiple stories, has recited pasts that are not his own. These fallacious stories, however, are seen as art and increase Ronnie’s reputation as an artist. However, Giddle, rather than making up stories, actively changes her life and considers herself an artist, and what she does as a performance, yet the reader gets the opinion – through Reno’s eyes – that Giddle is in a questionable mental state.

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